Family Playtime: Atlanta Family Photography





Healthy.BEing :Atlanta Commerical Photographer

If you’ve been looking for something to help you find total body and spiritual wellness, then Dr. Tijana Sefic at Healthy Being Wellness is the person to see.
Chiropractic care isn’t just for “sick” or “achy” people. Regular chiropractic care can help ease tension, anxiety, everyday aches, and chronic conditions. Dr. Tijana can care for you through regular adjustments, preconception, pregnancy,  and nutrition. Her warmth and energy radiates through her work. Dr. Tijana is also specialized in working and playfully engaging with children of all ages. She has done wonders for our family!

If you’re interested in connecting with Dr. Tijana,  you can attend a monthly Emerge Into Light meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30. There are also other ways to connect, such as Mommy and Me Yoga Play, Simply Blossoming series, and more. Visit her website,, to learn more.

Lazure Learning Village Co-op : Atlanta Commercial Photographer




As you have seen recently, I have been collaborating with an amazing group of parents in my area to open up a Preschool / Homeschool Co-op for our children.  The kids just finished up their second week and everyone is adjusting beautifully. It is amazing how children interact with each other and the other parents when they are presented with purposeful and meaningful activities. My son is already showing leaps of growth in his social skills and verbal skills. I could not be happier with the group of parents who I am honored to share this village with.

The biggest joy of the environment we have created for our children is that almost all of the materials and design have been hand made by one or more of the parents in our group. These handcrafted pieces are beautiful and made with such care and thought put into each.



If you read more about the co-op and our philosophy visit 

Nursing Milestones : Atlanta Breastfeeding Photographer

Lots of people commemorate month milestones for their children. Newborn, 6 months, one year, 18 months, 2 years, and so on.

But what about other milestones that are just as important? Nursing!


For many mothers, it’s one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of motherhood. The session will, of course, be tailored to each individual based on your comfort level and the pictures will be as discreet as you like.

Why not commemorate your, and your children’s, accomplishment of nursing to 1 year or into toddlerhood? That’s certainly cause for celebration in my book.


Beach Wedding: Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I truly love the beach! Once I was asked to be apart of a beautiful couple’s wedding on the white sandy beach.. you can imagine my excitement!!!!!!!!! I was like….. Waves, Sand, Smiles & White Dress!! I am totally there!!!!
Not only was this couple fun to photograph, but also their family was joyful and adorable.
The bridal party was so much fun to shoot especially their family & guest!!! 🙂
It’s a huge blessing to me when I’m invited to photograph anyone’s special day. With this wedding being so intimate, it was a blessing even more dear to heart.(More pics)


Clover & Birch: Atlanta Product Photographer

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being able to think outside of the box and viewing creativity from a whole new prospective. I know you all do too, so check this out – Clover and Birch!
Taylor and Jason are a husband and wife team who create fun and imaginative children’s toys, teethers, and nursing necklaces. 2014-08-09_0001
Neat, right? You won’t find many children’s toys like this, much less ones that are eco-friendly and don’t involve any paints, tarnishes, or dyes. It just doesn’t get much better than a fun toy for the kids that isn’t obnoxious or require a million batteries.
You can shop Clover and Birch on their Etsy shop, or you can shop locally at Tater Bugs in Savannah.

Nursing & Wearing Session: Atlanta Breastfeeding Photographer


In honor of National Breast Feeding Awareness Month, I’ve been capturing special bonding  moment between a Mother & their sweet little one. Sometimes you have to work a little harder for a beautiful and successful breastfeeding journey but in the end it is worth it.


Bonding comes to families in many forms beyond breastfeeding! Babywearing for both parents is a beautiful method to encourage closeness for the family.

If you haven’t seen the article in Today, please make sure you check it out.